Butterfly 6.0" x 4.0" Soft-Touch Electrodes cloth back (PMT gel) - Latex Free


$ 5.95 
Available for pre-order
Size:  Butterfly 6” x 4” (1 per pack)


    • Self - Adhesive, High Quality Gel Electrodes. 45 ohms of resistance. Reusable (10-15 or more uses per pad).
    • Universal for all TENS and EMS units with the pin-type connector.
    • Flexible cloth backing provides comfort and flexibility
    • Ultra tight pigtail connector and a snug plug
    • Prewired and reusable electrode
    • Includes airtight poly bag
    • Effective for use with : TENS,EMS,Interferential,Micro current,Galvanic Generators.
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    HCPCS: A4595

    Sold by: Pkg of 1 each.